Chicks First Day Out

Submitted by James on Wed, 06/01/2016 - 18:44

We assembled a pen so we could let the chicks out today as now they have hatched they'll want to explore their new world, but need protection from the magpies that are notorious for taking baby birds.

You can see mother hen in the photo showing her chicks the food she has picked for them.

When we let them out we noticed that the black one was missing, which was really weird because they had all been shut in the coop all night since they hatched yesterday. We searched all round, in and under the coop but no sign. There was a small hole in the coop that had maybe been made by a rat. I have boarded this up now. Maybe it got out that hole and was taken by a magpie, or maybe a rat got in and took it. Down to just 3 chicks now :(