Planting The Orchard

By Pat on Fri, 10/06/2016 - 21:35

This spring we decided that we really must plant some fruit trees.  We had already planned that they would go in the narrow end of the sloping field above the cottage.  We spent ages trying to choose which trees and in the end rang Mr. Adams Apples who was very helpful and helped us pick a mix of 16 fruit trees.  Next James and I spaced out the tree stakes and worked out which apple/cherry/pear etc was going where.  James then tried digging a test planting hole, and very quickly decided to hire the mini digger.  By then our helper Gary had arrived and together James and Gary dug all the holes, planted the trees to the correct depth, put on their rabbit guards and strapped them to their stakes.  They then needed mulching in so Gary pulled a load of brash out the woods and put it through the wood chipper, lugged it all up the hill and spread it around the base of the young trees.  Suddenly it looked like an orchard, a very young orchard, but definitely an Orchard!