Camping near Dartmoor

Submitted by Pat on Thu, 06/09/2016 - 16:03

We have a small Hideaway type camp site here in mid-Devon. Its a real sun trap tucked away behind the hedge, it also has fantastic views of Dartmoor and distant ones of Bodmin. We are just north of Dartmoor which is one of the UK's areas of least light pollution, so when the night sky is clear the view of the stars and planets is amazing!  In the morning you may awake to a delightful dawn chorus from our lovely mix of song birds.

Minimal facilities available; there is a fire pit in the camping area, the water tap is further along the drive by the garage and we need to make a composting loo, in the mean time we could provide a toilet tent if necessary, or even use of the cottage toilet. Its probably only suitable for tents, but we are very close to The Pegasus Way which runs to the North Devon Coast and is used by hikers, cyclists and horseriders.  

£5 per person per night.  We also have tents available to hire. 

Please use the contact form to enquire.