More Bird Feeders

By James on Sun, 29/12/2019 - 18:06

As winter draws in, we wanted to offer the wild birds a much help as possible. Plenty of feeders is essential, and as usual we'd like to make our own as economically as possible.

I found an awesome open source feeder design that can be 3D printed, and then screws onto an old fizzy pop bottle. Great upcycling :)

It printed fine, the thread connects well, though it kind of binds after a turn or two, I think it's for US bottle threads but it makes a really good connection to the fizzy bottles here in the UK too. The feed flows out well and doesn't spill as much as other feeders we have . Only time will tell how well the PLA bio plastic holds up to the sun and seasonal elements.

The main thing is the birds seem to love it: covered in tits the very first day!